Why did this #Syria-n mother try to kill her own child?

With all that is going on, ABC Nightly News didn't mention Syria once last night. That doesn't sound like MSM is trying to build support for NATO intervention to me. Israel has spoken up to support Assad's contention that he hasn't used chemical weapons. That doesn't sound like the Zionists are looking for a pretext for "regime change." Below is another story you will never hear from Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, they haven't done a segment on the human suffering in Syria in a very long time.
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What would you do if you needed to silence your crying child so as to save the lives of hundreds?

This is the dilemma one Syria family was faced with while trying to escape Syria were the government is known for slaughtering civilians who oppose or flee their rule.

The family was among a group 1400 Syrians trying to flee Syria. They where trying to sneak between two army posts and cross the border to Lebanon. It is well known that the Syrian Army will open fire on Syrians attempting to flee their violence and cross the border into a neighboring country,

Then the child started to cry and would not be quieted. The family knew that if the child continue to cry, the whole group would be discovered and slaughtered.

So they took the hard decision to kill their own child. What would you have done?

They smothered the child, which did indeed silence it. Fortunately, later they discovered that the child had survived.

These are the hard decisions that a people must make when faced with massacre by their own government and abandoned by the world.

Where is the humanity? I fear the people who just shine this on or excuse it. If they prevail, humanity is doomed.

Ans this is why:

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