Syrian Revolution Digest shows "disgusting" photos!

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It seems we live in a time of great anger.

Millions of Muslims are angry because some American a-hole took advantage our free speech laws to publicize a vicious attack on Islam.

Millions of Chinese are angry about Japan's attempts to hang on to the last little bits of its Chinese conquest from a century ago.

Thousands of Brits are angry because topless pictures of Kate Middleton have been published.

And here at the Daily Kos, hundreds are angry that I publish a "disgusting" photo of a Syrian girl that had her head blown off yesterday, and they railed, and demanded that I take it down or be banned from this site.

Well, you should know that the well known liberal Syrian blogger Ammar Abdulhamid is guilty of the same "crime" as me, and worst! Yesterday, he published the same picture, without warning, on the front page of his widely read Syrian Revolution Digest.

In fact, his "crime" was even worst. Not only did he publicize the same "disgusting" photo as I did. He published the, arguably even more "disgusting", photo of the father hugging his headless little daughter. You want an image that you can't unsee, look upon the horror of that father.

He also reported that another 142 people in Syrian were killed yesterday and showed more "disgusting" photos, including one of a another father leading his one surviving son away from his two murdered ones.

No one has yet to post a comment to his blog criticizing him for exposing them of images of this carnage. There are no angry comments demanding that he take it down.

On the other hand, I read no anger or disgust for what was done to the little girl in the 78 comments Kossacks left on my blog.

I guess what angers people these days depends very much on where they are. Most Syrians are angry about what is being done to their country by the Assad regime. Increasingly, they are angry that the United States is stopping them from receiving the weapons that might have saved these childrens lives.

Due to the almost complete lack of coverage of the daily carnage of the Syrian people in the US MSM and in the Daily Kos [I do not include my diary since so many Kossacks wish that it would disappear.], most Americans can avoid the images and the news. They can afford to be angry about their involuntary exposure to those images. They have that privilege.

The Syrian Revolutionary Digest does allow for comments. I am telling you this so that those Kossacks who feel so strongly about protecting children can go there and also tell them that

Putting a pick like that in a place where children can see goes beyond the pale of social and political discourse.

Below the fold, I am republishing a late update from my diary yesterday that I don't think many people saw.

Re: Dis-arming the rebels

If I ask you for a job, you have every right not to hire me.

But when you use your clout to make sure no one else will hire me, that is another matter entirely. That's called blacklisting and is totally wrong in my book.

If a black man in the south, back in the day when the KKK was burning and lynching, was murdered by the Klan, and you had used your clout to make sure he couldn't buy a gun anywhere [because black people commit crimes or whatever reason you thought "reasonable"] I would consider you as something like an accessory to that murder. I would also consider you as objectively a friend of the Klan and an enemy of black people.

Now, if you want to understand why I am so hard on President Obama on this matter, it is because he represents the United States, and US policy now is to deny people being bombed, weapons with which they could defend themselves.

I have shown in my other diaries that the people being bombed would most likely have effective surface-to-air missiles by now, except for the interference of the United States.

Kossacks objected to the picture of a young girl that had her head blown off in Syria over the weekend so I took it down. Well you should know that 3 more little girls were killed in Aleppo today by a Syrian jet that could afford to make slow, low passes over the apartment building that was his target because he knew the people on the ground had no way to get at him.

That would not be the case except for CIA agents in Turkey, on President Obama's orders, that are making sure that Syrian jet won't meet an effective defense from the ground.

Don't worry, I won't post pictures of those little girls here, so unlike their friends and family, you won't have to look at their mutilated bodies. But you should, you really should, because in stopping those that could have defended those little girls from being able to do so, the United States is intervening in the Syrian Civil War, and all of us now have the blood of those little girls on our hands.

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