Syria: Assad's slaughter continues - When will the world act?

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On 15 August 2012 the UN Human Rights Council issued a report in which they found that the Houla massacre and the others were perpetrated by the Syrian state and "that Government forces and Shabbiha fighters had committed the crimes against humanity of murder and torture, war crimes and gross violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, including unlawful killing, indiscriminate attacks against civilian populations and acts of sexual violence." The report further found these acts "were committed pursuant to State policy pointing to the involvement at the highest levels of the armed and security forces and the Government."

On May 25, 2012, the once serene region of Houla in Syria became the scene of events that shocked the world - the massacre of around 100 civilians, almost half of them children. The Syrian regime blamed the massacre "terrorist" groups, but this investigation paints a different picture.

Below the fold we will remember how some Kossacks responded to the Houla massacre.

The Houla Massacre: How some Kossacks reacted:


"The evidence suggests many forces at play in Syria and they aren't sure how all this went down, exactly who did or under what orders. NATO propaganda."

"Syria is now a humantarian catastrophe brought about by the regional Arab puppet regimes, extremist Wahhabis, al-Qaeda, Washington and Israel."

"Brzezinski: Let’s Not Be "Emotional" About Syria" - followed by long quote " after the massacre of Houla, former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski cautions against acting on outrage"

"Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung confirms it's earlier story that the Houle massacre was committed by forces aligned to the Free Syrian Army, not the Assad govt or the Schabiha as originally reported by the MSM war propaganda"

"FYI, if this is true, it is huge news being completely ignored by the MSM. It paints a completely different picture than what's being presented by the war machine. And might I add, a few diarists on this site."

"It's an agressive war staged by western interests using proxies, mercenaries and terrorists against the Assad regime. The Assad regime is largely responding to outside interference, which is what he and Russia have been saying all along.
It's the U.S. fucking with another country to destabilize it and probably balkanize it, and using the massive propaganda machine to tell the story they want told, i.e., another evil dictator with WMDs supposedly killing his own people."

"And now the Frankfurter Allegemeine has confirmed it's earlier report that the Houla massacre was done by the forces aligned with the Free Syrian Army.

Believe what you want from the MSM or the propaganda outlets set up by the Pentagon and others, but there are other stories coming out that should be considered."

"Regime - massacre. Starting a little early are we?"

Claudius Bombarnac:

"What would Assad have to gain by killing women and children by stabbing and shooting at close range? How much command and control does the Assad government really have over the shabiha?"

"Here's a report from the other side... " follow by 6 paragraphs from the Syrian mouthpiece SANA

"What in hell are you talking about? I just gave a link to the Assad side of the Houla massacre.

The sectarian violence occurring in Syria is escalating and is now reaching a level where neither side can contain it. There are many fingers in this pie that want the violence to escalate."


So far, zero proof - based on your own interpretation - that there was a massacre and that if there was one, it was committed by anyone affiliated with the Assad government or acting for them (such as the mysterious alawite militia who materialized out of nowhere)....My contention is not that the assad government is great but that it is no worse than Jordan's... Basically I doubt you [Clay] care a hoot about Syria or Syrians and I am suggesting that you are promoting an agenda, the end point of which is violent intervention a la Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, Somalia and the like."

"There are increasing indications that the Houla massacre was not committed by any "government supporting militias" as claimed throughout the MCM (mainstream Corporate media). Now that more is known about the victims it appears that many were families of government supporting individuals; one in particular, who has recently run for the parliament. He and much of his family were massacred by armed gangs, who materialized out of nowhere, seemingly penetrating through the rebel held stronghold without a hitch. Sure, they must have been those shabitah Alawites who just thought it'd be fun to kill their own...

There was so much in the Houla story that didn't add up that even newspapers - always the last to know - are catching up. A conservative paper in Germany has just retracted it's Houla story, and others across Europe are beginning to hedge and peel off the official line.

As for the latest massacre, we have again, the word of "activists". Who are they? the ones caught time and again uploading staged videos? can we believe anything?

People should think seriously about this scenario - who benefits? what possible use to Assad would be another massacre - coincidentally launched just before a UN meeting? does this make sense to anyone other than those who are hell bent on repeating the Libya adventure?"

Shawn Russell:

"Clay this is neocon propoganda It's really hard to tell who is committing what massacre.

For instance, a report concluded that Syrian rebels are responsible for Houla Massacre:" - followed by quote blaming the opposition for the Houla massacre.

The Annan Peace Plan could have been successful but both sides will have to abide by it and not just the Assad forces...Guess who may be responsible for the Houla Massacre?" -- followed by another pro-Assad quote full of lies.

Blue Wind:

"And how do you know that the reported massacre is not war propaganda? These are "unconfirmed" stories, based on reports by the Saudi-backed rebels. How do we know whether those reports are true?"

"These are all "unconfirmed" reports. Are they real or propaganda used to pressure and justify another intervention and war? Impossible to know. It is hard to forget the WMDs in Iraq."

"It sounds like a war propaganda All these are "unconfirmed" reports by the Saudi-backed rebels. How could anyone know if they are true or not? Do you remember the WMDs in Iraq? Those were even "confirmed"."

Meanwhile, the slaughter of men, women and children by the Assad regime continues unabated, and nobody is intervening to stop it, just as these Kossacks have been arguing they shouldn't.

16/08/2012 Maar Tamsreen, Idlib, #Syria *GRAPHIC*: Body parts littering the street

Is this the legacy we want? Is this the world we are trying to build? Don't these Kossacks realized that by either cover for or ignoring these massacres, they are bring closer the day when our own communities will be bombed by our government?

Because if it is okay with the world now, it will certainly be okay by when our time comes.

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