Occupy Nigeria Hollywood Protest

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There was a small protest rally in Hollywood on Saturday of Southern California Nigerians and other supporters of Occupy Nigeria, the Nigerian General Strike demanding the reinstatement of fuel subsidies recently dropped at the behest of the International Monetary Fuel. I shot some video and photos with my DroidX. This is the video I made:
Occupy Nigeria Hollywood Protest. January 14, 2012

Nigerians in Southern California (NISC) held a rally on Saturday, January 14 at 10 A.M @ 6430 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028-7906 (Near CNN Building) to decry the oil subsidy removal by the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a statement the group sent a specific message to Mr. Jonathan, reminding him that

“A leader who demands loyalty, but offers nothing in return builds tyranny; and tyranny offers nothing but failure. Empower every citizen, and you will gain strength. Offer security and justice in the form of liberty, allowing every citizen to be safe from conviction without cause or prison without charge - to work, eat, and live on the sweat of his or her own brow – and you will be great. Not only will you receive the loyalty of your people, but their love as well. GEJ, this is your chance to be great - don't waste it. Lead from the heart.”

The statement further said:

Describing the hardship that removal of the oil subsidy removal will
bring to the average

Nigerian, NISC said the government should:

  • Revamp all the refineries and build new ones;
  • Provide regular power supply;
  • Provide public transportation systems such as railways;
  • Repair the roads;
  • Eliminate the corruption associated with supply and distribution
    of petroleum products in
  • the downstream sector of the oil industry;
  • Trim excess wages and entitlements allocated to high government
  • Adhere to the rule of law;
  • Be transparent;
  • Be accountable;
  • Govern well; and
  • Lead by example

Here are a couple more videos of this event.


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8:16 PM PT: This just in. From Al Jazeera:

Nigerian unions call off national strike

Union leaders in Nigeria have called off a week-long nationwide strike that has been paralysing the country's economy, following a decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to roll back fuel-price increases.

Jonathan announced on Monday that he would reduce fuel prices in response to protests and strikes that sprang up after his government withdrew fuel subsidies at the beginning of January.

But his announcement failed to quell all of the protests, and soldiers reportedly used force to shut down demonstrations in Lagos, the country's commercial capital.

Under Goodluck's new plan, the Nigerian government will reduce fuel prices by 30 per cent, to around $2.75 per gallon, by restoring some of the subsidies. That price is still considerably higher than the roughly $1.70 per gallon Nigerians paid before the subsidies were removed.