New Trailer for Vietnam: American Holocaust

Selling has never been one of my strong suits which is a problem because everything has to be sold, including movies. If you want to make movies, then you have to sell movies even if you want to make movies that don't sell.

So having made a great movie in Vietnam: American Holocaust, I have fallen down on the job of selling it. With the advice of some people who know what they are talking about I am now trying to improve in the selling department.

This brings me to the subject of movie trailers. My first trailer for Vietnam: American Holocaust was lousy. I did it right after doing the film and I was tired already but hey, I needed a trailer.

And I made the rookie mistake of trying to show how good a film maker I was rather that just simply using the trailer to sell the movie. This is, I hope, a much more sophisticated effort and it benefits from the fact that Adept2u raised the question in the comment section of my earlier dairy selling the movie of what exactly was new in this documentary which I then answered. It also benefits from some of the recent discussion of trailers on the Doculinks list and if you are into making documentaries and you don't know about the [DocuLinks] list then you should click here.

Anyway here it is. Question: Is my narration okay or should I get someone else? I'm thinking Lawrence Fishburne or maybe Charlie Sheen seeing how Father's Day is approaching.

New Trailer for Vietnam American Holocaust

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Here is the transcript:

It's been said, those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. And we must have forgotten why so many Americans came to oppose the Vietnam War because we keep repeating it.

Since the Vietnam found Peace in 1975, America has gone from war to war. Bush led us into major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Obama has added Pakistan and Libya to the mix. America is far from kicking it's Addiction to War.

That's why I have spent three years making a new hard-hitting documentary exposing the horrors of that war and it's criminal prosecution at the highest levels of our government. That's why Martin Sheen, the actor and activist, contributed his heartfelt narration to it, saying more than he did in Apocalypse Now. That's why Ron Kovic, the US Marine who wrote of his own experiences in "Born of the 4th of July." has given it his strong backing.

The result has been called by the Director of the Office of Americas, Blaise Bonpane “ The best documentary ever made on the Vietnam War.”

Time has a way of clarifying what at first appeared confusing. Much new information has surfaced in the past 40 years. My research team has combed the archives and traveled to globe so that we can finally bring the truth home.

If you know little about the War you will want to see this so that you can understand how we got started on this path of destruction.
If you lived through the war years and especially if you fought in it, you will want to see this film to learn what really happened and why.

For the first time ever in any documentary on the war.

* You'll see the Wars in Vietnam and Iraq compared.
* You'll learn what Ho Chi Minh was doing in New York with Marcus Garvey even before he was a communist.
* You'll hear Bobby Kennedy at a secret NSC meeting comparing the planned coup in Vietnam to the one they just pulled off in Iraq putting Saddam Hussein in power.
* You'll hear the President of the United States tell his Secretary of Defense to come up with an excuse for killing Vietnamese and then you'll eavesdrop on their phone calls as they plan the faked North Vietnamese attack that drove Congress to vote for war.
* You'll hear LBJ tell a Senator that the Whitehouse sent in a "bunch of thugs", his words not mine, to kill the President of South Vietnam only 3 weeks before John Kennedy was assassinated.
* You'll see what Agent Orange does to babies and what napalm does to children. You'll see what it's like to die in the mud or be bombed by B52s. The true horrors of war will be revealed as they never have been before in film.
* You'll also hear from the soldiers that fought this war on all sides and you'll hear from the ordinary people just struggling to get by while their small country became the center of world conflict.