#LyElect Libyans register to vote 1st time in 60 years

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Libyans started registering to vote in a national election for the first time in 60 years today, May Day, 2012. Libyan Tweet Forum reports:

The Libyan National Transitional Council will hold the first democratic elections in Libya as planned on the 19th of June. This election comes to apply a designated 200-member assembly to draft a new constitution and form a government.

The registration centers open their doors to register voters in Libya from the 1st of May until the 14th of May in all regions of the country.
Libyans overseas might also be able to vote through their respective embassies. You will find below information about voter registration for the 2012 Elections.
Voting Districts

Locations for voters inside Libya (Documents are in Arabic)

Tobruk (1) | Bayda (2) | Benghazi (3) | Ajdabiya (4) | Sirte and Jufrah (5) | Sabha and Shati (6) | Awbari and Murzuq (7) | Gheryan (8) | Misrata (9) | Khums (10) | Tripoli (11) | Aziziya (12) | Zawiya

Libyans in the United States may get Info and Forms Here.

Now I'm off to join the West Wind of Occupy LA for our May Day in LA.

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