Libya's Qaddafi helped US & Israel against Iran in Olympic Games

For all those that thought the late Libyan dictator, Mummar Qaddafi was some sort of anti-imperialist hero, I would like to point out that still another way in which he collaborated with the imperialist has been revealed in the breaking news about how the US and Israel under both Bush and Obama hatched up the Stuxnet computer virus so as to conduct cyberwar against Iran. From the Ars Technica piece Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it, we have:That program, first authorized by George W. Bush, worked well enough to provide a digital map of Natanz and its industrial control hardware. Soon, US national labs were testing different bits of the plan to sabotage Natanz (apparently without knowing what the work was for) using similar centrifuges that had come from Libya's Qadaffi regime. When the coders found the right sets of commands to literally shake the centrifuges apart, they knew that Stuxnet could work.So there you have it. To make Stuxnet work, they had to test on the same type of systems the Iranians had. Without this support from Qaddafi, this attack on Iran, code named Olympic Games, may not have been possible.