Film Premiere of "We Win Or We Die"

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Director Matthew Milan traveled to Benghazi, Libya and collected some great material about the beginning of the Libyan Revolution from February 18th - 22nd. The title of this excellent documentary in "We Win Or We Die." He has it slated for a Sundance premiere but on August 20, 2011 I was lucky enough to attend a work-in-progress screening and discussion at Venice Arts. This is the video they produced about that event. I can be heard but not seen talking during the Q&A. Be warned. This is a 50 minute video but well worth your time.

Below is a 1 minute trailer for We Win or We Die

He needs your help to finish this film, which had the working title "West of Tobruk: The Libya Uprising." Here's his pitch:

Our Story

Follow Matthew Millan, a documentary filmmaker who is going into the lion's den to capture the very heart of the Libyan uprising. From the revolution's onset reflected in the heroic actions of a 49 year old suicide bomber to the current lingering stalemate, Mr Millan will travel to Benghazi to discover the true tipping point that caused an entire region to shed its yoke of 42 years of oppression. And from the interviews of the average people caught up in this war, we will see what caused them, in essence, to cross the Rubicon, the intangible point of no return.

From the eastern city of Tobruk to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, Mr. Millan journeyed into the heart of a nebula coalescing from the dust of war...and into a nation reborn. Amidst the brutality and devastation wrought under 42 years of Gaddafi’s rule, a civil society par excellence is emerging from the ashes. And for the first time in their lives, the eastern Libyans feel a strong sense of citizenship, finding themselves gravitating toward certain roles, roles they would never consider five months before. Medical students turned news anchors. Civil engineers turned newspaper editors. And taxi drivers turned soldiers. Neighborhoods have banded together to pick up the pieces of a shattered infrastructure. Children sweep the streets after the witching hour, alongside men who paint the roadside curbs. Looting is non-existent, and the crime rate has dropped by a factor of 20… and this in the absence of strong government.

The Impact

'West of Tobruk' is very much a human story, and will reveal to the audience just who these rebels who chose to stand against tyranny are. We in the West will benefit in seeing those with the same hopes and shed the manacles of brutal, merciless oppression...and forge their own destiny. This film will remind us that no matter the borders, the boundaries, nor the beliefs, we are all human and should decry injustice wherever we may see it.

But this is a much bigger story. Much bigger than any one person...much bigger than any one country...and even much bigger than any one region. 'West of Tobruk' shall paint for the audience a greater context, and ring the echoes of a century. Paradigms are shifting with tectonic force, and with that new ideologies are emerging. The borders drawn by post-war colonialism are being dissolved, and an Arab nation is emerging from the ashes. 'West of Tobruk' will elucidate on how the Libyan uprising, and its kindred rebellions throughout the region, spell the real conclusion to the First World War, and a final closing of the 20th century.

Please view all of the Libya reports that I made between April and May of 2011. You will get an idea of the extraordinary events occurring in the East right now. Visit us at:

What We Need & What You Get

In order to finish the film, I will need at least $12,000. This includes going back to Libya to investigate further into formation of a nation amidst the dust of war. Further, some of the funds will go to the task of finishing the film. This includes the rest of the production, and the post-production stages.. I will spend a further 8 weeks in Libya, where I will travel deep into the desert, journey to historic sites of the region, and interview a wide variety of people.

$12,000 is a very low estimate, but will be a good catalyst to finsih the project, and give to you one of the most riveting stories of our time.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please let everybody know about this amazing project. The uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa are much closer to home than you may believe, and will have a colossal impact on the geopolitical climate for decades to come. These stories shall ring throughout history...and it is no coincidence that they are occurring near the heart of where civilization began.

So tweet about it, post it on Facebook, email, or use carrier pigeons if you have to. Just please ge the word out, and make this film possible. Thank you for all of your support.

Here is his website.

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