#Feb17: @NATO Please help MEDEVAC wounded from #Libya

As the military phase of the Libyan Revolution is quickly being driven to a successful conclusion, many, including this diarist, are looking forward to the end of the NATO mission in Libya.

And it would appear that it's air combat mission is winding down. According to their own reports, NATO hit 2 targets in all of Libya on Monday, 22 targets on Tuesday due largely to a spurt of air strikes over Zuwarah[8] and Ras Lanuf[6], and 10 on Wednesday.

However, there is another urgent mission that it is hoped that NATO can undertake that probably more clearly falls under its mandate to protect civilian lives than anything it has done so far. NATO can save many lives right now if they can assist the overwhelmed hospitals of Tripoli with MedEvac and treatment of the wounded ASAP.

I just saw Bashir Sewehli of the Libya Youth Movement on AJE making this request. I decided to use today's diary to echo it.

Action Item: Please tweet this request to NATO @NATO

Look for more information on this here soon.

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