BREAKING in Syria: Explosion rocks #Damascus as people use "Truce Day" to protest regime

Assad can't handle the truce!

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While the EID holiday crease fire negotiated by UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi cannot be said to be holding everywhere, the level of violence is notably down as compared to yesterday and days past, so today all over Syria people are taking to the streets to demand an end to the regime. In at least one city, Dara, the regime shot at the protesters in spite of the truce:

Another awesome & huge protest in Damacus suburb | 26 Oct 2012

At this hour [8:45 pst] we have reports of a massive car bomb going off in Damascus. BBC News is running this story:

Damascus car bombing wrecks Syria Eid al-Adha truce

26 October 2012 Last updated at 11:21 ET
The Syrian capital Damascus has been hit by a car-bomb attack, shattering a four-day ceasefire that had begun hours earlier to mark an Islamic holiday.
Activists said the device exploded near a playground in Daf al-Shouk, a residential area in southern Damascus.

State TV reported five people had been killed and more than 30 wounded, with children among the casualties.

The UN-brokered ceasefire began at 06:00 (04:00 GMT), but fighting has continued across the country.

The truce, to mark the Eid al-Adha holiday, was proposed by UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, who hoped it would lead to a peace process.

Both rebels and the army had said they would only observe the truce if the other side held their fire.

Activists said that by early afternoon about 20 people had been killed in sporadic clashes across the country, which is a lower figure than usual for a day's violence in Syria.

The BBC's James Reynolds on the Turkey-Syria border says fighting has been going on throughout the day near the frontier.

But the car bomb in Damascus appears to have wrecked any chance that the truce might take hold. More...

While it is much too early to say who is responsible for this attack, it would be well to remember that a number of high-level defectors from the Assad regime have reported that the regime has been responsible for so-called "terrorist bombs" in Damascus before.

Consider, for example, this article from the Guardian | 18 May 2012

Syrian security forces set off Damascus bombs blamed on al-Qaida – defectors

Attacks were beyond our abilities, says rebel leader, as officers who fled describe regime plots before blasts
Martin Chulov in Jabal al-Zawiya

Military defectors in northern Syria have denounced claims that al-Qaida was behind a series of deadly bombings in Damascus, contradicting the UN secretary general's assessment that the terror group is taking a lead in the insurgency.

The defectors were speaking before Ban Ki-moon's claim on Thursday that al-Qaida was responsible for a deadly blast outside one of Syria's top intelligence services on 10 May, which reportedly killed 55 people and wounded 372.

"A few days ago there was a huge, serious, massive terrorist attack. I believe that there must be al-Qaida behind it," Ban said at the UN headquarters in New York. "This has created again very serious problems."

The defectors, interviewed by the Guardian in villages in the Jisr al-Shughour and Jabal al-Zawiya areas this week, alleged that Syrian security forces had caused many of the blasts.

Nine defectors, some of them officers who had fled recently, relayed first-hand accounts of plots they had witnessed being planned or executed that were later blamed on "armed gangs" or al-Qaida.

All have provided details of the plots they say took place and are willing to provide testimonies to international investigators. They say they are reluctant to put their names to their allegations, fearing reprisals against their families More ...

Or this report:

High-level defector says Assad regime behind explosions

Abdullah al-Omar, who defected early in October and was a staff member in Bashar Al-Assad's Media office, told Al Jazeera'a Anita McNaught "Many of the big bombings in Damascus which the Syrian regime blamed on terrorist groups, Abdullah al-Omar says were in reality, the work of the regime"

"The intelligence agencies did them, in co-ordination with the President's office. Every explosion, we always knew hours before it was going to happen and would setup to take the live video feed from the blast location into the President's office before distributing it to the pro-government channels."

And here is another example of Assad regime fabrication of fake "terrorist attacks." On 19 May 2012 activist caught Assad operatives on hidden camera planting a mine to setup a fake terror attack:

Hidden Camera catches two of Dictator Bashar Assad's henchmen planting an explosive mine in Damascus which they later blow up in an attempt to fabricate the existence of "terrorists" --- The cameraman writes that after this mine blew up the State Propaganda outlet Duna News came to the scene to do a fake news report on the fake bombing.

The planting of mines and staging fake terror attacks is is a typical diabolical trick of the evil and Cunning Baathist Assad Regime and it is sad that some idiot politicians in the west fall for the fake "terrorist attacks" which are simply another slick Assad Game that the dictator is playing on these naive suckers .
Filming Assad's thugs at the moment of planting a mine in Damascus, Syria 19th May_2012.mp4.flv

Here is a report that Al Jazeera English did in January on a fake suicide bombing in Midan.

Syria Dictator Bashar Assad staged a fake suicide bombing today in the Damascus Suburb of Al Midan. There already are numerous video clips on the internet showing Assad security throwing police shields into a blown up bus to make it look like there were police inside the bus when it blew up. There also was accidental video shown briefly on Al Dunya state tv news showing police planting blood bags on the street to enhance the visual impact of the

Here is another report from the Sun on 10 February 2012:

Syrian regime 'faking rebel attacks'

The hated regime in Syria was accused of murdering innocent children in a fake rebel attack today to divert attention from its murderous campaign.

At least 25 people were killed and 175 wounded in Aleppo as explosions rocked two security compounds.

A reporter wept on state television as he held up a roller blade as proof of the loss of life.

But opposition activists accused the regime of carrying out the bombings as the country raced towards all-out civil war.

President Bashar Assad was accused of orchestrating the blasts to distract the world from the bloody shelling of Homs where battles have been raging for six straight days.
But anti-Assad activists accused it of staging the blasts to discredit the rebels and prevent planned protests today.

Television footage claimed to show at least five corpses collected in sacks outside the city’s Military Intelligence Directorate surrounded by debris.

The presenter claimed the blast went off near a park and children were among the dead. The second blast shook a police HQ.

Aleppo-based opposition activist Mohammed Abu-Nasr blamed Assad’s regime for the attacks, insisting: “The opposition and the Free Syrian Army don’t kill civilians.” mpu

Activists have denied carrying out a spate of bombings while Assad’s crackdown has claimed the lives of more than 5,400 people. More...

So things aren't always what they seem in Damascus, and based on recent past experience, the group most likely been behind this most recent car bomb, which will very likely be used by the regime to fully abandon the Eids truce, is the regime itself.

Below the fold, see more reasons why Bashar al-Assad should be named most likely to break the truce. He simply can't afford to allow a truce if that means the people can come out in peaceful protest.

Below is a small sample of what is breaking out all over Syria today.

How long do you think Bashar al-Assad can allow this to go on? This is why he started his slaughter in the first place.

Despite the suffering, residents of Jobar hold an AMAZING protest today

Al Arabiya is reporting:

Activists report killings on truce day as Syrians protest against regime

Fri Oct 26, 2012 16:48 pm (KSA) 13:48 pm (GMT)

Eight people were killed in a tank and sniper fire in the suburb of Harasta in Damascus as Syrians took to the streets to protest against regime of President Bashar al-Assad on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha on Friday.

Heavy fighting broke out around a Syrian military base on Friday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, in the first major violation of a ceasefire marking the Muslim holiday.

The Observatory said rebel fighters were trying to storm the base, which is less than 1 km (half a mile) from the main north-south highway linking Damascus to Aleppo, and Assad’s forces had fired artillery at a nearby village.

Anti-regime protests erupted across Syria on Friday as the army and main rebel force began to observe a ceasefire for a four-day Muslim holiday, activists and the Observatory said.

Opposition activists have called for demonstrations on their Facebook page, The Syrian Revolution 2011, with one writing: “The ceasefire is a chance to protest massively.”

The protests after morning prayers to mark the start of Eid came amid a fragile calm as the ceasefire took effect following a night of fierce clashes.

The Observatory said protests had taken place in Raqa in the northeast, where security forces fired tear gas, and in the southern Deraa province, where three people were injured as police fired live rounds to disperse demonstrators.

Activists said protests also took place in Damascus and its suburbs, in second city Aleppo and the surrounding region, in the east in Deir Ezzor and in the northwestern province of Idlib.

In the Idlib village of Al-Habit protesters chanted against President Assad: “Traitor, give up, you have destroyed Syria!” More...

Cham Damascus Jobar protest | 26 October 2012

Hailfaya Hama | 26 October 2012

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