BREAKING: Protests across Syria in spite of Assad regime violence

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With the Assad regime amassing its armor outside of Aleppo and its war planes attacking from overhead the battle between that well oiled military machine and the reg-tag Free Syrian Army has come to the fore. Nobody much is paying attention to the Syrian people except as victims of these much larger forces.

However amazing as it may seem, in spite of the "Shock 'n Awe' assault by the government on rebellious communities, the mass protests that started this people's revolution in Syria still continue. Also note the wide support for the Free Syria Army. Those that attempt to drive a wedge between the FSA and the people are wrong. The courage of these people is incredible. The Olympic athletes can't hold a candle to them.

The Local Coordinating Committees reported that there were 795 mass protests across Syria on Friday in spite of unprecedented levels of regime violence directed at the opposition all across the country. A statement posted on the LCC website today reads:

Demonstrat​ions out of Death‎ 27-7-2012
Posted by abeer on July 28th, 2012

A sense of joy in most of Syrian cities overshadowed the death Syrians are living daily, where they were able to go out in demonstrations, which they pledged to continue until the regime is toppled, due to withdrawal of some demilitarization. They went out in 795 demonstrations to renew the evolution’s oath, confirm their demands, and color Syria’s streets with chants of freedom. Residents of Idlib were determined to continue what our revolution’s martyrs has started so they went out in 150 demonstrations; despite the massacres that were committed in the governorate. Despite the
fierce military attack on Aleppo and the massacres committed in its neighborhoods demonstrators were determined to go out in 125 demonstrations challenging regime’s oppression and violence, followed by Hama with 142 demonstrations despite the heavy military deployment
and suffocating security siege in the area.

As for Damascus Suburbs, which witnessed several massacres and daily shelling in most cities, demonstrators went out in 75 demonstrations, where they demanding the release of detainees and chanted for the capital Damascus. 60 demonstrations took place in Deir Ezzor, despite
shelling and violence witnessed in the governorate over the past week. As for the capital Damascus, which witnessed unprecedented military escalation since the beginning of the revolution and heavy deployment of regime’s army tanks, demonstrators were determined to go out in 58 different demonstrations. 55 demonstrations were documented in Daraa, which is still under shelling by regime’s army warplanes, and demonstrators chanted for the martyrs and revolution’s detainees.
Hassakeh witnessed 50 demonstrations, where demonstrators chanted for unity, followed by Homs and Lattakia with 25 demonstrations each, then Raqqa, which now includes thousands of displaced people, demonstrators went out in 20 demonstrations and confirmed that the revolution will continue until the regime and all its symbols are toppled, then Tartous, which suffered from a suffocating siege, witnessed 7 demonstrations, and finally comes Qunaitra with 3 demonstrations

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