BREAKING: Massive protests in Syria following Friday pray

I have just obtained this footage of a massive anti-government protest in Syria this morning after Friday pray. The half dozen UN observers are taking Friday off so as not to be involved in the political situation, so they say. Few independent journalist are operating in Syria and there are very few outlets to show what is happening on the ground now, so I wanted to share this rare find with you right away.

More later.

Demonstration in front of the Great Mosque in Douma Hailing the Syrian cities

One of my tweets from yesterday has been widely retweeted and even published by the Libya News Daily. When I saw the tweet "Top stories today via @libyans_revolt @mrzine_notes @travelguideweb @clayclai" I was curious because I haven't done a recent article about Libya. I've never has a tweet published like that before:

The only privilege of a slave is the absence of responsibility, but with freedom comes responsibility. #Libya #Feb17

"The only privilege of a slave is the absence of responsibility" was a statement made by someone name Paulo. I lifted it from a comment he made on the Libya Tweets Forum where I am also a member.

Here is a video of what began as a peaceful demonstration in Syria, April 4, 2011. It ended badly after Assad's thugs open fired. This courageous cameraperson stayed and captured all. Will this happen in Syria today? Be prepared to be shocked:

Full scene of the massacre by the Syrian regime in the shield

Just in from Lebanon News:

BEIRUT: Syrian troops fired bullets and tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters Friday, activists said, and state media reported that a roadside bomb killed 10 soldiers in the latest violence to defy international efforts to calm the country's crisis.

Protesters spilled out from mosques onto the streets in cities and towns across Syria, calling for the downfall of President Bashar Assad and chanting in support of the country's rebel forces, activists said.

A cease-fire that technically went into effect last week has been steadily unraveling, but the truce is still seen as the most viable way to end the bloodshed that has killed more than 9,000 people since the uprising against Assad began 13 months ago. The U.N. has sent a team of seven international observers into Syria, with the hopes of boosting the numbers soon.

Protest in Homs, Syria today, Google translated comment says:

Homs Deacon 4/20/2012

Demonstration, despite the military cordoned off the neighborhood cheering distinctive Revolution Revolution Forever ... until fall Assad
And a fascination with distinct bodies say

Another one from Homs today:
Rastan | | a great demonstration of Independents 20/4/2012

This one is from Idlib today: