BREAKING: Another high level defection in #Syria

News bit on Syria....
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There are reports at this hour in the Arabic media that Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Hassoun, director of Academy of the Assad Military in Aleppo has defected today.

The FSA is also reporting this high level defection today:

Also on the subject of defections, there is an interesting story about Assad's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Jihad Makdissi and some Twiiter converstations he had with activists before he defected. In this article, Al Jazeera raises the question: Did activists influence a top Syrian official to defect?

Also on the subject of Al Jazeera and defections, Al Jazeera has produced this very interesting interactive map of Syrian defections. It doesn't touch on the thousands and thousands of defections of ordinary functionaries and soldiers. It just covers the top one hundred or less.

In spite of the fighting going on, Syrians still manage to organize mass protests against the regime like these today:

Demonstration in Al Qaryatayn | 27 Dec 2012

Night anti-Assad demonstration in Tariq Halab neighborhood of Hama | 27 Dec 2012

And while "anti-war activists" like those associated with UNAC may find all manner of reason to ignore the people's struggle in Syria, other activists like this flash mob for Syria and Palestine in Eaton Centre find a way to have an impact.

Flash mob for Syria and Palestine at Toronto's Eaton Centre. | 27 Dec 2012

There is an ongoing conflict in Syria with no end in sight and thousands of refugees have fled into neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon. This project is dedicated to raising funds for the Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders "Emergency Fund". Donations will go towards purchasing medical supplies, food, blankets, and other supplies for the refugees living in camps in northern Lebanon.

New use of poison gas reported in Daraya, Syria

We have new reports of a poisonous gas being used by the Assad forces in Daraya. So far three people are reported as having been killed by the toxic gas.

Brown Moses has published a new collection of the latest ordinances being used by the Assad regime.
A Collection Of Some Unusual Syria Videos From The Past Week
Here we have a report of an Iraqi mercenary that has been captured by the Free Syria Army.

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