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The Color of Life: Rare Books and signed editions from the collection of Pete Adkins and other stuff from Clay Claiborne

Journal of Linux Technology, 3 issues from 2000

The Journal of Linux Technology

January 26, 2000
O'Reilly and VA Linux Announce The Journal of Linux Technology New magazine is in-depth technical journal for the Linux community


Open - Linux and Open source for E-Business 7 back issues 2000-2001

Open Magazine

Open Magazine, founded by Andover, is a new magazine to be released in August. It will focus on “Linux and open source for e-Business.”
2000 2-5
2001 1-3


Embedded Linux Journal 3 back issues

Embedded Linux Journal

Embedded Linux Journal table of contents. Publisher, Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. Seattle, WA, USA.
Published between November 2000 and May 2002, Embedded Linux Journal (ELJ) focused on the use of Linux in embedded systems.
2000 1
2004 1 & 4


Linux World Magazine 8 back issues 2003-2004

LinuxWorld Magazine

LinuxWorld Magazine: Integrating Open Source in the Enterprise.
8 back issues in good condition
2003 Feb
2004 Jan, Mar-Aug


Linux Magazine 15 back issues 1999-2004

Linux Magazine

Published by QuarterPower Media since 1999. Discusses enterprise computing solutions and IT-related topics.
1999 Jan, Feb, Apr, July
2000 Feb, H\Mar, Aug, Oct, Nov
2001 Aug
2002 Feb, Jul, Nov
2003 May
2004 Aug
All in good condition


Linux Journal 96 back issues starting 1996

Linux Journal April 1997
Linux Journal Feb 1997Linux Journal May 1997Linux Journal Buyers Guide

Linux Journal first started publishing in 1994 and quickly became the magazine of record for the open source software movement.

Issues included in this lot:
1996 (11) Feb-Dec.
1997 (12) all but June
1998 (6) Jan, May-Nov
1999 (10) Jan-Mar, Jun-Dec
2000 (12) all
2001 (11) Feb-Nov
2002 (7) Jan-Mar, Jun-Aug, Nov
2003 (3) Jan, Aug, Dec
2006 (1) Sep
2007 (4) Sep-Dec
2008 (10) Jam-Sep, Nov
2009 (9) Feb-Nov


All Wood Chinese Desk

Chinese Desk Angle view
Chinese-Desk-FrontChinese-Desk-Front-ViewChinese-Desk-Left-Front-PanelChinese-Desk-Left-SideChinese-Desk-frontChinese-Desk-rearChinese-Desk-right-pedestalChinese-Desk-right-sideChinese-Desk-top-glass removedChinese-Desk-top-glass removedChinese-Desk

All wood Chinese desk imported from Hong Kong ~ 1984. 8 draws, with glass top. All exterior panels beautifully carved. 30" x 60" All wood Chinese desk imported from Hong Kong ~ 1984. 8 draws, with glass top. All exterior panels beautifully carved. 30"d x 60"w x 31" h. This is a full sized desk. It comes apart in three major pieces & a panel with no tools or hardware. The top with 3 horizontal draws is one piece. The right pedestal with three draws is one piece. The left pedestal with two draws (one letter file) is one piece. And a panel for the front leg space cover.

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