UPDATED: Tunis: This Photo was Taken 66 Minutes Ago

I was surfing for photos from yesterday's Anonymous Rallies when I came across this. This is Now!

((( i ))) #Anonymous #Tunisia - #Libya #SidiBouzid Tunisia #jasminrevolt #optunisia #oplibyao
((( i ))) #Anonymous #Tunisia - #Libya #SidiBouzid Tunisia #jasminrevolt #optunisia #oplibya

The photos below are from the recent Anonymous street actions. I'm off to MLKing March now and will add more photos latter. I just stubbled upon the above photo in my searches. I looked at it about a minute trying to figure out if it was an Anonymous rally and where? When I realized that it was from Tunis and less than an hour old! So I wanted to rush it out. I would have gotten it up sooner but the software kept complaining that I didn't have 300 chars when I tried to publish. Apparently I get no credit for being overlong most of the time! So I just kept adding stuff until it would publish. Hey, DKos, whatever happened to "a picture's worth a thousand words?"

UPDATE: The photo above was posted to flickr at the link above with the claim that it was minutes old. Investigating further, I think that in may in fact be from Saturday,

Now this one below claims to be only 2 hours old @ 7:15pm pst. Personally, I don't care how old or new it is, I love it. The look on that kids face! Talk about feeling empowered!
Don't mess with up
Also, I realized when I got back from the MLK parade, that it had left the finished draft of this diary in preview mode. I apologize for any confusion that might have caused.

Seatle, Anonymous Rally
Rally In Seattle, WA January 15th

Wikileaks banner at the Vancouver Rally
Wikileaks banner at the Vancouver Rally January 15

Berkley, CA January 12th

San Francisco, CA January 15th

Lyon, France
Rally in Lyon, France January 15th.

San Francisco January 15
San Francisco January 15

 Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia January 15th

Movilización Pro-wikileaks OPERATION DEMONSTRATION Zaragoza 08-01-2011
Movilización Pro-wikileaks OPERATION DEMONSTRATION Zaragoza 08-01-2011
Anonymous Protester
Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C. January, 15th
Parti Pirate et Anonymous se rassemblent
Lyon, France
Seattle, WA January 15th

Sydney, Australia  January 15th
Sydney, Australia January 15th

Ein Dank der deutschen Tunesier an Anonymous January 15

Istanbul January 15th

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