BREAKING: Amnesty site hacked, Assad propaganda posted

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As of this hour Amnesty International is being coy with the details, but it is pretty clear that their website was hacked and a fake report condemning the Syrian opposition and supporting the Assad regime was posted, just as was done to the Reuters news website a few weeks ago.

Of course it should surprise no one that those that support mass murder as policy are also willing to lie and deceive but we still have Kossacks that will post stuff from Syrian government websites as though they had any creditability at all.

Clearly they aren't satisfied with spreading there lies through their own channels or those of their surrogates, they aren't satisfied with keeping reporters out of the country and killing those that get in anyway, they are becoming cyber criminals to subvert the honest reports of others that have worked hard to earn the public's respect.

This fake article appeared on the AI website earlier today but it is gone now:

Amnesty demands to stop arming the terrorists in Syria
August 28, 2012 1:42 AM

Amnesty researchers have for the first time since the beginning of the uprising conducted a research mission inside Syria.

The full report reveals the shocking detail of the crimes against humanity committed by the rebels in Syria and the devastating impact on Syrian families.

Amnesty’s visit established a pattern of abuse and collective punishment used by the rebels against any Syrians who do not comply with their desire to overthrow the sovereign government for the installation of an Islamic caliphate.

The Syrian rebels who are affiliated with al-Qaeda continue to blame the Syrian army for massacres, despite clear evidence of their involvement in the massacres.

One of the most prominent German language newspapers Reported that the Houla massacre was conducted by sectarian rebels, called Free Army militia

Victims of the massacre in Houla were members of the Alawite and Shiite minorities.

The head of one of the Sunni families killed in Houla was a government supporter and participated in the parliamentary elections (part of the democratic reforms sweeping the country).

There has been cases of the Syrian rebels (FSA) abusing prisoners, in one case 16 prisoners were executed by the rebels who then attempted to lay the blame on the Syrian Army, a story which Qatar state media al-jazeera reported without questioning.

Residents of Aleppo have grown tired of the indiscriminate mortar fire they face at the hands of the Syrian rebels which has taken many innocent lives.

There is overwhelming evidence that crimes against humanity are being committed, yet the US, its NATO allies, Israel using Qatar and Turkey as a proxy, continue to ship weapons to Syria and delay, veto or obfuscate international action against the rebels.

Amnesty is calling on the UN calling for an arms embargo on all those nations that are funding and arming the insurgency in Syria, namely, the US, Britian, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore amnesty is calling for the freezing of assets of Turkish

prime minister Erdogan, Qatar’s king Hamed, Saudi king Abdula A-Saud, president Obama and Syrian National Council members, and the situation to be referred to the ICC.

It is clear the al-Qaeda affiliated rebels are not going to stop their crimes. And with no accountability and a steady supply of weapons, why should they given they have come this far under NATO protection?

Russia must immediately use its influence to end this violence and support the UN Security Council to end NATO’s reign of terror upon Syria and refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court. Amnesty supporters have not forgotten the people of Syria and will continue to demand accountability for these horrific crimes against humanity.

This article contains many falsehoods and inaccuracies and is very much at odds with the latest article about Syria on the AI site:

“Why is the world silent?” Syrian refugees speak

I received notice of it via email with this link, which can also be found in Google's cache,

But that link is broken and returns "page not found"

Unsurprisingly, this fake Amnesty International article can still be found at this Syrian government site. That is where I found the full text of the article.

Al Jazeera Live Blog has this on the incident:

The uprising in Syria has increasingly been taking to cyberspace. On Monday, Amnesty International said that it was investigating how fake blog posts attacking the Syrian opposition came to be posted on its website.

The human rights group did not provide details, but it was possible the article was the result of hacking by supporters of President Bashar al-Assad's government. The blog post claimed that a research mission conducted by Amnesty inside Syria has uncovered ``crimes against humanity committed by the Syrian rebels", including prisoner abuse and execution.

The post called on the United Nations to impose an arms embargo on nations supporting the Syrian opposition.

Amnesty said it was alerted to the blog posts on Monday and immediately removed them.

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